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Birthday Month

It’s my birthday month. I’m declaring it a thing.

Growing up, my mom would make a cake, and we would celebrate with family — absolutely great birthdays and wonderful memories.

As I have gotten older and having great friends, I have started celebrating my birthday on several days in July. Everyone is busy so I’ve been blessed to celebrate not only on my birthday, but on different days with my different friends.

Being a summer girl, I always try to schedule a vacation the week of my birthday or close to it. This year was a quick trip to Florida with one magical day at Disney World (all 4 parks, 13 hours, and over 13 1/2 miles).

Birthdays should be celebrated as much as you want. Personally I love my birthday. Not the getting older part, but getting the messages from friends and family. And who doesn’t like getting a present?

Eat cake for breakfast each day. Celebrate yourself. There is only one of you. There are no rules about birthdays. Just celebrate it!

xoxo, Jane Anne

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