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The mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail consisting of just five ingredients– white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, club soda, and mint. It is summertime favorite, especially given its combination of minty sweet and lime flavor.

Although there are countless mojito variations, my favorite involves using Bicardi Lime Rum. Most people make a classic mojito recipe with white rum. White rum is light-bodied with a sweet taste. I think the Bicardi Lime Rum adds to the flavor of the mojito.

What you need:

½ cup white sugar

18 leaves of fresh mint

3 limes, quartered

1 cup of Bicardi Lime Rum (and maybe a splash more)

1 ltr. of club soda

How to make a mojito:

Muddle sugar and mint together in a pitcher until leaves are broken down.  Add limes and muddle some more.  (Don’t get lime juice in your eye and don’t over muddle).  Stir rum into the sugar/mint/lime mixture.  Add club soda and stir well.  Enjoy!

*I usually double this and make a pitcher so I can share with friends.  So yummy!

This is one of my favorite drinks. I hope you will enjoy.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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