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Life Problems

While life can be so good, we all experience problems. The trick is to not let any one problem get too big or consume you too much.

Here are a few things that can seem like big problems but are all problems that are manageable.

1. Someone criticizes you or someone is mean to you. You cannot please everyone you meet. Rather than dwell on the criticism, use it to not only teach you about yourself, learn from it. Promise yourself you will never treat someone the way you were treated.

2. You’re unhealthy. It’s easy to eat fast food. It’s easy to snack. Accept responsibility. Stop feeling sick and start doing something about. Eat better. Exercise. You have the power. You just have to take that first step. Literally. It can start with a walk in the morning or after dinner. Or cut soda out of your diet. Then try no sweets. Drink more water. Make the choice to live a healthier life. You might be amazed how good it makes you feel.

3. You feel like your life has no meaning. Know your life absolutely has meaning. For some, the most meaningful aspect of their lives is doing for others. Do something nice for someone else and see how amazing it feels. When you give your time or cook someone a meal, the gratitude you receive in return makes life meaningful.

4. You feel like you can’t go on. These negative thoughts must be addressed, and sometimes the best treatment is to seek professional assistance through counseling or, in extreme cases, by dialing a lifeline. That saying, “it’s just a bad day, not a bad life” always comes to mind. There is nothing wrong with talking to someone and seeking help. Your mental health is important. Take care of it.

5. Every day feels the same. You wake up. You eat. You come home. You eat. You go to bed. Repeat. If you are bored with life, fix it. Live in the present. Do things that you haven’t planned. Say yes to new things. Don’t be afraid of the unexpected. Take care of yourself. Change your routines. Travel. Go to a place you have never been. Find your purpose.

6. Toxic people in your life. You do not need them in your life. “People inspire you, or drain you. Pick them wisely.” Hans F. Hasen. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and be selective who you include in your life.

Here are a few things to remember: Just because you are struggling, it doesn’t mean you are failing. You are enough exactly as you are. You already have everything you need within you.

Life is not perfect, and that is okay. Deep breaths my friends. No problem is too big. You are worthy and deserving of good things. Everything is always figureoutable.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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