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Giving can be defined as providing love or other emotional support; caring.

Have you ever given your love or time away? I give mine away every day. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give. When you give a piece of yourself, you are leaving others with your love, your smiles, your truths, your kindness, your values, your thoughtfulness — you are leaving them with you.

Giving your love, time, and attention to others is giving a piece of yourself. There is no greater gift.

I read this yesterday and thought I’d share it.

“If you gave them love, and they walked away, let them keep it.

If you gave them time, and they walked away, let them keep the memories.

If you gave them days, weeks or even years of your life, let them keep all the love you gave them during that time.

Don’t fight back for it. Don’t say ‘you owe me’ Understand that the value of your loves does not depend on what others did with that love.

Let people keep what they took. They must have needed it. Know that it impacted their lives. You can’t take that way from them. Let them keep it.

Even when you feel pain in return for what you give, remember you left them with love.”

You still have more love and more time to give. The more you open up your heart, the more love it can hold. Don’t hold onto what you gave, be happy that you did.

Let them keep it.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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