Social Rules

Do you remember that rule – don’t call people before 10 a.m.? My mom always said it was rude unless it was emergency. Maybe she just didn’t like anyone calling her before 10 a.m. Of course, she also told me I couldn’t wear shorts to school unless it was 55 degrees outside when I left. (Not really a social rule – just her rule. Love you Mom!) My mom taught me well about many things.

Lou Holtz said, “I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.” Those three things are the truest and most simple rules there are.

However, social rules are patterns of behavior expected by society. To put it plainly, they are good manners. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder.

  1. Be nice to people. That means everyone you come in contact with – waiters, drivers, receptionists, baristas or anyone offering a service. Whether it be a dishwasher, the manager, or the CEO, be kind and show respect.
  2. When someone treats you to lunch or dinner, don’t buy the most expensive thing on the menu. It is also kind for you to treat them the next time. Same thing with an Uber or drinks. It should not always be one person buying.
  3. Always open the door for people. It’s amazing what this small act of kindness does for people. And when they say thank you (which I hope they do), respond with, “You’re welcome. Have a good day.” Most times, they will say it back, and if they don’t, you were still kind.
  4. Don’t interrupt people. Wait to respond when someone finishes talking. That is just polite.
  5. Teasing someone is all good and fun until it’s not. Recognize when teasing goes too far. And if it does, apologize and don’t do it again.
  6. Respect other’s opinions. We are never all going to agree on everything. Just be respectful. Not everyone has to agree with you.
  7. Don’t call someone more than twice back-to-back (unless it is urgent of course). Be patient. The person on the other end may be busy, asleep, in the middle of their favorite show or maybe even sick. They will call you back.
  8. Be careful what you say in a text. Don’t forget they can take a screenshot and keep it or share it with the world.
  9. Keep a secret if you are entrusted with one. There is a reason it was a secret to the person sharing and entrusting you with it.
  10. Be on time. I always like to be a little early. It’s less stressful to me. But just be on time.
  11. When someone hands you their phone to look at a photo or something, don’t touch the other apps or swipe photos. It is an invasion of their privacy.
  12. Don’t talk about your money. What you make is no one else’s business but your own. There is no reason you need to brag, especially if the person you are talking to has less than you.
  13. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.
  14. If you borrow something, return it, i.e. a book, a shirt, or money. Return it and say thank you.
  15. Always say thank you. It is just good manners.
  16. Oh and don’t call someone before 10 a.m. (my mom said so.)

These are some of the most common social rules. What social rules do you follow?

xoxo, Jane Anne

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