Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work smarter, not harder seems to be a very popular catch phrase these days. Work is work. We all have to do it.

In the past couple years, businesses and companies have found ways for employees to work smarter, including employees working remotely. But what are you doing to work smarter? Do you stop work at 5 p.m.? Do you leave work at the door?

Sometimes it is not what your company has implemented. Sometimes it is just about you – your drive and your work ethic.

Here are some tips on working smarter:

  • Make a weekly plan. What is on your calendar for the week? What do you need to get accomplished? How can you get it done?
  • Stay organized. Make a list. Keep a planner or calendar. Mark down when you have deadlines. Set reminders. Keep each project’s documents separated or in folders.
  • Set a routine. Get up at the same time each day. If you are setting a staff meeting, pick a certain day each week and time. Plan certain times for calls you have to make. Set a time each day you will respond to emails. Having a good routine helps you stay organized and working smarter.
  • Put your phone away. I don’t mean all day – just while working on a project, even if it is just an hour of uninterrupted work.
  • Take breaks when needed. Sometimes 5 or 10 minutes away from your desk makes a huge difference. Step outside for a minute. Take a breath. Go to lunch or at least stop working while you eat. It is amazing what a little break will do for your mind.
  • Outsource when you can. Learn when to ask for help. Some projects may be done better by someone else or another company – especially when it something you may not familiar with. Outsourcing may get the job done faster (which is smarter).
  • Finish what you start. Finish the projects on your list. If you wanted to get a project done by a certain date, make sure it gets done. No excuses.
  • Measure results. I love that feeling of accomplishment. It’s that feeling like you got a lot done during the week. Before you leave work for the week, think of everything you accomplished. Allow yourself to feel good it.

I will always work hard. It is just who I am. However, I am learning ways to work smarter. I hope you find ways that work for you to work smarter, not harder.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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