Espresso Martini

We all know that famous line from James Bond, “Shaken, not stirred.” When envisioning a martini, you think of vermouth and vodka or gin in a martini glass with 3 olives. Of course, I like adding some olive juice to make a Dirty Martini. However, while amazing, these are not the only martinis out there.

Have you ever tried an espresso martini? One was offered to me in Vegas many, many moons ago, and I am forever grateful.

The espresso martini, originally called the vodka espresso, was invented in the early 1980s in London. It wasn’t until the 1990s, when drinks served in martini glasses had become popular that the name was changed to an espresso martini.

Espresso Martinis have since become a favorite cocktail for anyone seeking a little pick me up in their alcoholic beverage. The sleek presentation and smaller volume of an espresso martini makes it appealing for a night out.

An espresso martini can contain actual coffee/espresso. While most people want to use freshly brewed espresso for this martini, my favorite espresso martini uses coffee liquor.

First you will need:

  • A cocktail shaker with strainer. You need a shaker because unlike other martinis this drink is always served shaken. The shaking action results in a foam layer on top.
  • Martini glass

Then for espresso martini ingredients, you will need:

  • Crème De Cacao
  • Kahlua, Rum & Coffee Liqueur
  • Bailey’s, the Original Irish Creme
  • Prairie Wolf Dark Coffee Liqueur &
  • Ice

Just add equal parts of the ingredients to cocktail shaker. Shake cocktail vigorously for 15-30 seconds and pour into glass. Garnish with a few coffee beans and serve.

This cocktail is so yummy and one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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