There are many times in life, it is best to be silent. That rule our mothers taught us — if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all — has stuck with me my whole life.

As it has been said, silence is a virtue.

Never complain. Complaining is the simplest and most ineffective thing to do. If you have the ability to change a situation, do it. If you don’t, change your viewpoint. The mind will give up and surrender before the before the body. Endurance, perseverance, and composure are also virtues. Use your inner strength to learn from a situation and move forward without complaining.

Done tell them, show them. What you do, not what you say you will do, determines your level of success. Convince people through your actions, not your words. Don’t brag about it. Just do what you do best and keep doing it.

Learn to respond, not react. How one reacts to hostility is a strong evidence of wisdom. Think before you speak. Maintain your cool. Stay calm. Have a collected demeanor at all times. Never allow anyone the power to make you angry. And if they do, never respond in anger. Learn to hold your tongue until it is the right time. Listen first and then speak with purpose.

Be careful what you say. Something things can never be unsaid, and you can’t take them back. “Be silent, or let they words be worth more than silence.” Pythagoras. Spend no time engaging in gossip or silly fights.

Sit still. Learn to be content in boredom and silence. You don’t always to be doing something. Sometimes silence is good for your soul.

I am not advocating for not speaking up. There are certainly times to speak up. It is just that sometimes silence isn’t a bad thing. I do some of my best thinking in silence. You can hear and see so much more in those moments of quiet and peace. Learn to appreciate the silence.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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