Clutches can add to an outfit, just like jewelry does. With the right clutch, a lady can level up her outfit and add a touch of elegance.

Many women like a clutch that will match their outfit, cocktail dress or gown. With the right clutch, you can accentuate what you are wearing. A clutch can add a unique flair to a casual look or compliment the elegance of a dress or gown.

While many women carry clutches for special occasions, they are often carried now on a date night or girls’ night out. A clutch is a stylish accessory and can often attract some admiring glances.

Most are functional for a lady’s essential items. Clutches are the perfect size for the basic items needed for a night out – ID, money, key, phone and lip gloss.

I love to pair a clutch with jeans, blouse, and pair of heels. Of course I have black ones and brown ones, but for me I like to add a little something to my outfit by carrying a clutch that stands out, one that adds some color. Carrying a beautiful clutch on a night out brings me joy.

Do you have a favorite clutch?

xoxo, Jane Anne

Classic clutches featured are from Banana Republic. Old Navy high waisted cropped jeans and Banana Republic black cami and belt.

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