Do you overthink? Do you play a scenario out in your head a thousand times? I know I do. I am definitely an overthinker at times. (Right now I’m overthinking this post and wondering if it will be any good).

Overthinking can cause anxiety and stress – two things no one likes. Be aware of your thoughts. Never let them control you. Break the bad habit of overthinking.

Here are some truths about overthinking that might help:

The problem. The problem is rarely the problem. 98% of the problem is caused by the thoughts in your head. 2% of the problem is caused by reality and what actually happens. Most times, the problem isn’t the problem at all; it’s the way you think about the problem.

Most problems are solved with less thinking rather than overthinking. With silence and a clear mind, the majority of problems can be solved. You can’t solve every problem, so stop trying to.

Thoughts. Often times our thoughts are brought about by our own fears, worries, and insecurities. Keep those thoughts in check before accepting them. When your emotions are high, your thoughts may get away from you creating situations that are not true. Start a journal or share your thoughts with someone. It may give you a different outlook.

Now. You are not going to overthink your way to a better future, and you are not going to overthink your way to a better past. Make peace with all your yesterdays. You can’t control or predict tomorrow. It is okay to not have all of the answers. Have faith everything will work out. Live in the now.

Acceptance. Worry and fear will control you if you let it. Find peace in acceptance. Accept uncertainty and imperfections. Everything will work itself out.

Life isn’t about having everything figured out all of the time. Stop overthinking. You’ve got this. You can control your effort and attitude, and always trust your gut. Have faith, believe in yourself, and live in the now. Find your joy.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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