Living Well

“Perhaps the secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.” Rachel Naomi Remen

Family and friends can absolutely help you live well. They are our good company. Embrace those people that help you live well for they make life better. Living well also encompasses many things in life – relationships with others, health (physical and mental), work, and finances.

There are also so many other things to help you live well. Eating right. Exercising. Being outside. Looking up. Being grateful. Not sweating the small things. Having a good routine. Travel. Laughing. Good music and dancing. Making good decisions. Finding joy in each day. Only you can determine the things to help you live well and who you want to live well with.

If you are having trouble living well these days, here are a few things that may help:

  • A good morning routine. Wake up 15 minutes early. Enjoy a cup of coffee before leaving for the day. Read some words of wisdom or a devotional. Think of the important things that need to be done and make a plan.
  • Listen to a great playlist. Sing. Dance as you get ready.
  • Tell yourself something positive. Be kind to yourself. We are all perfectly imperfect. It makes us who we are. Embrace who you are. Always take care of yourself. Self care my loves!
  • Say your prayers as you drive to work or school or before bed. Say them on good days and bad days.
  • Eat healthy through the day and drink lots of water so you can enjoy a little treat later. Take your vitamins – especially your D3. Everyone needs a dose of sunshine.
  • Do something nice for someone each day. Give a compliment. Let a car out in front of you. Send a good morning text and wish someone a good day. When you focus on someone else, it makes you feel good.
  • Let the small things go. Will it matter later? I have a saying with my kids – “Everything is figure-out-able.” Take a breath and think about it before you react.
  • Laugh every chance you get. Stop taking everything so serious. Watch a funny Tik Tok or Reel. Call a friend – talk and laugh together. Laughing helps bring our stress levels down. Laughing is a must.
  • Love your people. Tell them. If you are not good with saying it with words, do it with your actions.
  • Exercise. Get those steps in if you can’t make it to the gym. Taking a walk helps get those steps in, helps clear your mind, reminds you how beautiful your surroundings are.
  • Plan a trip or dinner or going to a movie or museum – whatever you are into. Looking forward to something is an amazing feeling.

There is joy in every day. You have the power to create a life well lived. We can not control what happens to us, but we can control our response and how it affects our day. Choosing to live well is up to you. Do something each day to live well.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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