When attending a wedding last week, the bride and groom asked for advice. You could write it down on preprinted cards and leave it for them. Talk about putting a girl on the spot. Rather than filling out the card right then, I thought about what is important to me. Advice is exactly what it is. Take it for what is worth. The newly married couple will obviously find what is important in their relationship, but maybe the words of wisdom below will give them something to think about. So here goes:

Love. Love each other – a lot!

Pray for each other and pray together.

Celebrate the little things as well as the big things.

Laugh. And laugh a lot. Always, always, always have fun together.

Flirt with each other and go on dates.

Travel. Go to different towns, states and countries. See the beauty of it all. Go for walks. Hold hands.

Do the little things for each other out of love.

Cook together and clean up together. Share in the responsibilities. It’s not just one person’s job to do everything in your home.

Snuggle. Take turns being the “big spoon.” Touch each other’s feet in the middle of the night.

Always say I love you before you leave each other for the day. And always give a kiss good bye.

Wishing you both a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness!

xoxo, Jane Anne

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