Have you ever listened to a song over and over? Repeat. Or watched a movie so many times you can’t even count the number of times? Repeat. You know the words, the moments and scenes, the endings and everything in between.

And when you hear that favorite song, you turn it up. You sing along. You remember the memory it goes back to or the person you were with. You tend it play it again and again. Repeat.

It is the movie that makes you laugh or cry or gives you all the feels that you can’t resist watching it every time it comes on or better yet, you own it so you can watch it whenever you want. Repeat.

Repeating songs, rewatching movies, eating your favorite dish or ordering your favorite drink, or even walking at the same park can give us comfort, provide familiarity, and can just make you feel good. You wouldn’t repeat any of it of it wasn’t an experience worth having over and over again. If it brings you joy, then why not repeat it.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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