Dinner on the Patio

Some of the best conversations happen when you are sharing dinner and a bottle of wine or drinks with friends on the patio. That’s when the best stories and maybe even a few secrets are told.

I love people that love food. I love trying new recipes, new flavors, new sauces, and new spices. Cooking with your friends that love to do the same makes for many great evenings. Over the past few months, we have been doing more and more of these cooking and dinner on the patio evenings. We have made reverse seared steaks, fried potatoes, crab and shrimp boil, Cuban fries, Cuban sandwiches, garlic and cheese beer bread, firecracker salmon, a raspberry zinger cake, fried catfish, fried pickles, Huevos rancheros, ribs, pineapple upside down cake, so many flavors of wings, grilled peaches, and countless charcuterie boards. Add in some great wine, some dark beer and/or some really yummy mojitos, and you’ve got yourself some really amazing evenings. There is something about eating outside that just makes dinner so much better.

Great food, great friends, great drinks, a little music playing in the background, and lots of laughter are always the best when shared on someone’s patio or back porch. What more do you need really?

With fall just around the corner, I hope you will enjoy a nice dinner on the patio with friends. If you don’t love to cook, it is okay. Grab a pizza and bottle of wine, relax, and enjoy.

xoxo, Jane Anne

**I made a little playlist if you need one. xoxo

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