Four and a Half Hours Later

After an amazing dinner, deep conversation, lots of laughter, incredible insight and true friendship, it was four and a half hours later. Did I mention the key lime pie with caramel sauce for dessert? Where did the time go? The sweet waitress always felt like she was interrupting. Truth be told, she was. Even with those little interruptions, we never missed a beat.

Friendships that stand the test of time are so precious and truly valuable. Friendship like this should be celebrated. The celebration doesn’t have to be a party. The celebration can be that night out – good conversation, good wine, and four and a half hours of love and friendship. What makes it even better is those little celebrations could go on for another four and half hours and then some.

Take the time to celebrate friendship – as often as you can. It is a gift.

I hope you have that “four and a half hours later friend” to celebrate.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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