Have you ever just been in awe? In awe of where you were or of a special moment? Or even in awe of being in someone’s presence?

I had one of those moments this morning. I’ve been told many times I look at things differently, that I see things differently. I’ve been to the Bricktown Ballpark more times than I can count. Today was the first time my son played in this stadium. He has grown up going to baseball games there, bringing home more foul balls and autographed baseballs than I can count. He’s in high school now, and his team was given the opportunity to play there today. Walking into the park, it felt different. It looked different. Full of excitement to see him on the field, I was in awe of the facility and field. The weather was perfect for a morning baseball game. I was in awe of the boys playing where professionals play the game they love so much. I was to grateful for that moment seeing him and his teammates out on the field.

Appreciating your surroundings and who you are with is important. This is probably why I have 9 million photos on my phone. I never want to forget a moment or place.

After a great win, we headed home. In the car, my son said, “Mom, you should have seen the stadium from right field. I could see the Devon tower. It was so cool.” He was in awe. Happy tears. I love that he took a deep breath to appreciate the moment he was in and where he was. That is what it is all about.

Be in awe of something today. What an incredible feeling it is.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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