It’s Friday. It’s been a long week, with long hours and a lot of stress. Plans are made for the weekend. The sun is shining. I have a list a mile long I am ready to tackle.

Fun. The name of my playlist that always gets me singing. I put it on the days I want to sing in the car or dance in the kitchen. Honestly, I need to listen to it everyday. Singing and dancing make you feel good. And I know I’m not any good at either. It doesn’t matter. The kids and dogs look at me like I’m silly most days anyways, so add in some wrong lyrics and “Elaine” dance moves, and everyone is laughing.

My music taste is all over the the place. I may be singing Neil Diamond one minute and and rapping Young MC the next. Throw in some Aretha, Queen, Stevie, Rob Base, Taylor Swift, and Van Morrison, and it’s a good day. Listen to what you love. Listen to what makes you happy. Listen to what makes you sing and dance.

Sing and dance today. It’s Friday. Have fun!


Happy Friday my darlings. xoxo

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