You deserve great things. We all do. We deserve to be happy. Happy in life. Happy in our relationships. Happy in our jobs.

Happiness and great things most often go hand in hand. Striving to live your best life takes work. Making good choices and having a good attitude help one achieve this. Most importantly, having friends and family who love and support you bring happiness, which in turn leads to great things. It is the people who love you that know you deserve great things.

This past week I started talking to the sweetest lady in the line to pay for our lunch. Being friendly is what is all about. This beautiful lady was retired and had been living in Gulf Shores for a year. I asked if she was loving it. Her reply was perfect, “I’m living my best life.” She went on to tell me how a year ago, she sold her home and all her belongings (except what she could put into her Kia Soul) and moved to the beach. She continued saying it was the best decision she ever made. I didn’t ask any more questions or what led to this move. I was smiling at her looking at the joy she had on her face. Meeting happy people adds a little something extra into our day. I will never forget that sweet lady and our 2 minute conversation. She deserves great things and from what I saw and heard, she was getting them.

Some would say she was lucky, and she is. However, luck didn’t get her to that point, making the decision to live a happy life did.

Can things really be “too good?” I strive for things to be too good. Too good is such an incredible feeling. It’s that feeling on vacation when you see something so beautiful, so amazing that you think to yourself – I’m so lucky to be here right now, seeing this. It’s that feeling when someone in your life makes you feel so loved by saying something that puts a smile on your face or they surprise you or just do something so nice and so unexpected. Too good is truly the best.

I want every day to be too good. I want and deserve great things. Don’t you? I think you absolutely deserve great things.

XOXO, Jane Anne

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