Thank You

Thank you. Simple words of gratitude we should all say to all the people working so hard to take care of not only the sick but the well.

Thank you doctors, nurses and all healthcare heroes.

Thank you to all the people and companies that have stepped up to make much needed supplies.

Thank you to the grocery store workers and grocery deliverers.

Thank you to the restaurants and their waitstaff that continue to feed us by serving curbside or by delivery.

Thank you to teachers that are continuing to teach online so our children do not fall behind.

Thank you to the people setting up makeshift hospitals to care for the sick.

Thank you to the paramedics, first responders, firemen, and police officers.

Thank you to all essential workers putting themselves out there every day for us.

Thank you to all those out there sharing good news, positive stories, and sharing uplifting words to help us get through this.

Thank you to all those staying home to help stop the spread.

Two simple words that mean so much – thank you.

xoxo, Jane Anne


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