Happy Hour

The traditional happy hour means going to a local bar with friends and having some delicious drinks, laughing, having a good time, and connecting with our friends. However, for the past few weeks there have been no happy hours – at bars at least.

For the first time for many, happy hour has taken place via Zoom or FaceTime or whatever other video outlet of your choosing. Why have I never tried this before? Twice this week I have planned time to spend with friends by video. Amazing. Completely amazing. Connecting with others through video will absolutely do during these crazy times. Seeing smiling faces, hearing the laughter, and enjoying a nice drink from the comfort of your back patio definitely has its perks – especially when you don’t have to dress up or even shower. Who will ever know?

There is nothing better after a long day than sharing some much needed laughter with friends. But why should we limit happy to an hour? Find time in each day to laugh with our family or with friends. Smile so much your cheeks hurt. It truly is such a great feeling. It takes some of the stress away.

Our happy hours are our best hours. Find joy in the happy hours.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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