Home. Our safe place. Our refuge. Where we feel protected.

While we all love having time at home, this extended period may be a little more than you would like. Here are some ideas to keep you happy and your home a happy place to be.

  • Write positive affirmations or Bible verses and put them throughout your home. Put them on your refrigerator, by the sink, in your laundry room, or even on your bathroom mirror. Encouraging and positive words can go along ways.
  • Turn on some music in your house. Turn on music that makes you feel good – music that makes you dance or sing a little.
  • Make your home smell good. You can do this with wall plug-ins, wax melts, or candles. If you get really ambitious, make some cookies or a cake. Baking always makes our home smell good.
  • Sit outside – Whether your front porch, back porch or even your driveway, enjoy the fresh air and sun. Enjoy looking at the things around you.
  • Sleep a little longer if you can. It’s amazing what a little extra rest can do for bodies.
  • Find a home exercise routine. There are so many videos online and companies offering free subscriptions to help with an exercise regime. Take a walk if you can or ride a bicycle.
  • Socialize via phone calls, text messages or video chats. Check on your friends and family. Call your mama. Send memes or gifs to your people.
  • Make a list of things you want to do after the quarantine is over. Pick someplace new to eat, a person you will go visit, or a vacation you want to plan. Looking forward to things helps us look ahead.

Our homes provide us security. In these times, feeling safe and secure is of utmost importance. Stay home if you can or if you have been told to do so. Stay healthy friends. Enjoy this time at home.

XOXO, Jane Anne

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