Hugs and kisses.  My grandmother used to sign every letter she wrote with XOXOXO or XXXXXX.  My sweet grandmother from England – oh how I loved her. 

I grew up in Iowa.  When I was 12, we moved to Kentucky.  Back then (circa 1986) there were no cell phones, and you had to pay long distance charges to call someone out of state.  My grandmother would write letters. It really is such a wonderful art, writing letters that is. They are so personal. I have entire box of those letters (probably every letter she ever sent me), and every one of them was signed off with those sweet letters.  I don’t know that anyone can appreciate those letters at the age of 12, but looking back I love them all. I sign the majority of my cards with those same letters that my grandmother used. I send them in texts and snaps. I even have them on a shirt. It’s funny how something so short and sweet can mean so much when seen and bring back such loving memories of a very beloved little grandmother.

While technology and smart phones give us a very easy way to communicate, there is something so meaningful about getting a handwritten note or letter. Spend the extra time to write someone you love a little note today.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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