To be brave is to show courage.

We find braveness and strength through challenges. Challenges can cause fear and anxiety. Putting yourself out there can be scary. The unknown can bring fear. Take a deep breath, lean on your person(s), and believe in yourself. You are brave, and you can face it all.

It is amazing how brave you can be when you have love and support. That love and support gives a person strength. With strength comes bravery.

Confiding in a friend something that is on your heart is brave. Talking through problems with someone you love is brave. Putting your heart out there is brave. Traveling to another country for work is brave. Starting a new business is brave. Writing about your feelings is brave.

Be brave. Don’t be afraid to say yes. Say yes to things that scare you. Be your best self. You can achieve whatever you are brave enough to conquer. Do not be afraid to try something new. Do not be afraid to change how you live. I believe in you. Be brave.

xoxo, Jane Anne

Be brave enough to try.
Be brave.

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