5 Stars

My name is Jane Anne, and I’ll be your driver today. I hope you will leave me a 5 Star rating.

Today I am a driver for my boys. I absolutely love being their driver. While there is no school, there is multiple practices and visiting friends. Car time is the best time. It’s my one-on-one time with them. It’s where they talk with me. It’s where they laugh with me. It’s where they hear my amazing singing voice. I’m beyond thankful to be their driver. It won’t be too long before I won’t have to drive them anymore.

Will they miss me driving them everywhere? My guess is probably not for awhile. However, I hope they will remember their mama would drive them anywhere they ask to go. I hope they remember the names of bands I’ve taught them over the years. I hope they will remember the hundreds of car selfies we have taken.

I hope they will always be just as thankful for the car rides and road trips as I am. I hope they would give me a 5 Star rating. I hope they know being their driver brings me joy.

xoxo, Jane Anne

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