Joy comes in the mornings. Each morning is the start of a new day, a day filled with new possibilities. I am a morning person; ask anyone who knows me. I wake up 30 minutes earlier than I have to each day so I can have some time for me – time to have a cup of coffee, time to read my devotional, time to say my prayers, and time to plan my day.

I love sitting in the quiet. It’s a calmness that helps ease me into the day. I feel grateful as I look around and see everything I have worked so hard for. I think of everything I need to accomplish for the day. I think happy, positive thoughts.

I especially love my weekday mornings. While my kids are all teenagers, I still enjoy waking up them up each day and making their lunches. By the time they come to the kitchen each morning, I have everything done so I have 20-30 minutes to talk to them, or sing or dance or even make them laugh. Our schedules are crazy, but I know this time each day I have with them. I choose to drive my boys to school each day – not because I have to, because I want to, because I get to. Some days there isn’t a lot of conversation on the way. Sometimes they just listen to me sing with whatever song comes on the radio. (Poor kids, I have a terrible singing voice.). As they leave the car, I tell them I love them (and to “make good choices, be a leader.”). These are the things that make my mornings great, make them special. I know these days are numbered so I want to cherish each and every one of them.

I’ve been told I’m too happy in the mornings. Why not be happy in the mornings? Who knows what the day will hold? It may be one of your best days. The possibilities are endless. You have the ability to decide how you want your day to start and how you want your day to go. It may not always go exactly as planned, but if you have a good attitude and positive outlook, I am sure at the end of your day, you will be happy as well.

What is your morning routine like? Do you take a few minutes for yourself each morning? Do you like to plan out your day?

xoxo, Jane Anne

Have a lovely day! Find your joy.


  1. I am not naturally a morning person like you say you are. I am naturally more of a night owl. However, now I am a mum with a family, I have taught myself to wake up earlier. I like to take some time for myself before the rest of the family wake up. I now enjoy the quiet of the morning. I like to get a few simple jobs done in the kitchen first and then enjoy some quiet time to myself just thinking or reading while I enjoy my first hot drink of the day. It really sets me up for a better day when I take the time to do this. I think it is great you are so happy in the morning. I do not think it is possible to be “too happy” . It’s great to be surrounded by joyous and happy people. I’m sure your happiness must be contagious to those around you and you must make everybody’s day better.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I love that you are a mum. My daughter calls me mum. My grandmother was from England, and it makes my heart happy she likes to call me that. I wish you many great mornings and wonderful days. xoxo

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