While no one likes getting older, birthdays are to be celebrated. It is a day to celebrate you. I know some that like to celebrate their birthday week or even their birthday month. Whether it is one day, a week or all month, the point is to celebrate.

Growing up, I remember my mom would always make what I wanted for dinner and of course, a homemade cake. She always made each one of us kids feel special on our day. (Thank you mama for showing me how it’s done.)

Over the years, I’ve thrown more birthday parties than I can count for my three kids. People can go over the top with kid parties. One year we seriously had a pony and small petting zoo at my daughter’s birthday party. Other years, we had bounce houses and pool parties. There have been so many sleepovers. As a parent, we go over the top to make our kids feel special on their birthdays.

As we get older, we need to make the same effort for ourselves. Go out with family or friends. Have a special dinner – either at home or at your favorite restaurant. Eat cake for breakfast. Make a toast to the next year of your life. Go dancing even. If you can afford to, go on a trip. I absolutely love going on vacation the week of my birthday – one of the joys of having a summer birthday.

If it is someone you love’s birthday, make them feel special. That doesn’t mean you have to go buy an expensive gift. Text them memes or gifs. Give them a card. Fill their car full of balloons. Send flowers. See how they want to celebrate. If they tell you they aren’t celebrating, take them to dinner or for dessert or a drink. Don’t let them not celebrate. If they are important to you, make them feel it. Birthdays are important.

Life is too short not to celebrate when we can. Birthdays give us that special reason.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Xoxo, Jane Anne

Don’t forget to make a wish.

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