How Can I Help?

How can I help? It’s a simple question. More often than not, people respond they don’t need help. They are lying. We all need help. If someone asks how they can help, LET THEM. It’s that easy. Just tell them what you need.

It was so easy for me to write those words, yet I fail to take my own advice. I am the master at saying I don’t need help. I never want to put anyone out or impose. I am used to doing everything on my own. I would rather ask someone how I can help them than accept help myself. It brings me joy in helping others. It’s pretty twisted if you think about.

For the control freaks like myself who think they can do everything all the time, you just have to start helping. Don’t ask. Just do.

If you go to someone’s home for dinner, and the host starts cleaning up, you should absolutely ask how you can help. Some hosts will tell you. If it’s me, then I’ll say, “You just visit. I’ve got this.” My best friends know me so well. They just start washing or drying. If I go to dinner at my parents’, my sister’s, or friends’ home, I just start washing dishes and putting food away. I figure if they were gracious enough to host, I want to show my gratitude by helping out. Not to mention, if the work gets done faster, the faster everyone can relax and enjoy time together.

Know your audience. By that, I mean know who you are with. Asking how you can help is great manners, and I am all about great manners. However, if you have a friend or family member that never accepts help, just start helping. The same applies at work or just when you are out and about. Be there for people. Help out where you can. These little random acts of kindness are so appreciated.

How do you like to help your friends, family and/or co-workers?

Xoxo, Jane Anne

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