There is nothing better than feeling happy and seeing happiness on someone’s face that you love. Happiness brings a glow. It’s a smile. It’s laughter. It’s an incredible feeling. It is joyful.

Happiness isn’t about money or things. It’s a feeling you get seeing your kids do something amazing. It’s a feeling you get when you spend the evening with friends laughing. It’s a feeling you get when someone does something nice for you. Happiness is going on adventures.

While we didn’t have a lot of money growing up, I was always happy. My parents did an amazing job providing for us. My mom was so creative with activities that didn’t cost anything. We didn’t go out to eat a lot, but we did go on picnics and have amazing home cooked meals. We didn’t go to concerts, but we did listen to great music and dance in our home. We didn’t go on big trips, but we spent a lot of quality time with family.

Happiness to me is:

  • My kids, family & friends
  • Laughter
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  • The smell of lilacs
  • Christmas music
  • Traveling
  • A great cup of coffee
  • Cheesecake (especially with raspberry sauce)
  • Dancing
  • Singing in my car (no, I can’t sing and I never know all of the words, but who cares)
  • Eating outside
  • A fire in the fireplace
  • Cooking and baking

It can be the simplest of things. Just live your best life. Do things that bring you happiness. Do things that bring you joy. What makes you happy? What makes you smile? Write them down. Make those things a part of your day everyday.

xoxo, Jane Anne

Songs that are making me happy today. Have a great Monday! xoxo

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