Best Friends

Best friends – the ones you count on. The ones you laugh with. The ones you tell your dreams. The ones you tell your secrets. The ones you travel with. The ones who know when you need them without even saying a word. The ones that cry with you during the bad times and celebrate with you during the good times.

We all have at least one. If we are lucky, we have many. Each brings something different to the table and brings something special out of you. They teach us thoughtfulness, wit, joy, humor, loyalty, grace, and love.

To be the bestest of best friends, here are a few things (or maybe 18 things) you can do to show your best friend you love them.

1. Celebrate their birthday for the entire week of their birthday or throw a surprise party for them.

2. Take a week off work to be there for them when a family member is dying.

3. Fly across the country to surprise them.

4. Show up at their house with ice cream on a bad day.

5. Send hilarious text messages throughout the day to make them laugh.

6. Give them a great nickname.

7. Take trips together.

8. Deliver flowers to their office or send flowers to them while they are on vacation.

9. Make them a playlist.

10. Spend time together at the holidays (and wash their dishes just to help out).

11. Show off your dance moves just so they will laugh.

12. Hold them up when they need support. (Literally and figuratively)

13. Offer to take something off their plate – not because you have to, because you want to. Be there for them.

14. Cook for them. (One of my personal favorites, just don’t burn it.)

15. Learn to make their favorite drink (hello Espresso Martini – how you doin)

16. Help them move.

17. Send them songs you think they will love.

18. Share your life, your family, music, your faith, inside jokes, and the best secrets. Inspire them to be a better a person.

Personally, I have been blessed with the BEST best friends ever. All those examples are how my best friends have spoiled me or I them. There are days words can’t express my gratitude for their love and friendship. I just hope I have made their life as happy as they have made mine. I love the JOY they bring me each and every day.

xoxo, Jane Anne

What amazing things have you done for your best friend?

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