Making Lemonade

Most people would think “making lemonade” means to actually make lemonade. This little phrase has a different meaning in my house and has become pretty popular in my little circle. We all experience things in our day that may not have gone as planned. Rather than let it get you down, I suggest you make lemonade. Make the best of the situation you are in. Find the silver lining. Make lemonade.

We have all had a flight delayed or cancelled. We had to wait longer at a restaurant than we would have liked. We’ve had to wait in lines longer that we would have liked. Plans get changed at the last minute. I’ve found getting angry or frustrated about it doesn’t help the situation. Make lemonade.

A couple week’s ago, I drove my son an hour and a half to see a church service. When we arrived, the service was so full, we were asked to come back to the next one. Rather than be upset that we would have to wait 2 hours for the next service, we got out our phones to see what was close by. Time for a little adventure. Only 2 miles away was the “Center of the Universe.” That sounded exciting, so we found it. Within the Center of the Universe circle, it echoes when you talk. How cool is that? What is even more cool is my 15 year old thought it was cool too, and I got to experience that with him. Did I mention is was sprinkling and raining during this entire time? We didn’t care. We took selfies. We made the most of the situation, and we had a great time. We made lemonade.

At Disneyworld, the lines can be long when you don’t have a Fast Pass. I use the time to talk to my kids. Ask questions. Top 5 best rides? Favorite foods on vacation? Best present you ever received? Who are you most excited to give a gift to this year? It’s amazing what you will learn from them when you ask questions, and take the time to listen. What else do you have to do while waiting. Oh, and I love seeing other parents playing Heads Up on their phones with their kids. We are trying this on our next trip. Making lemonade.

Last one. One of our exchange student’s came for a visit this summer. On her way home, her flight was cancelled from London to Germany. Lots of flights were cancelled. We could not find any alternatives for her to get home so she was stuck in London from Friday to Sunday morning. Thankfully the airline took care of hotel, food and transportation. However, she couldn’t get her bag. Frustrated by the situation, I asked her if she had ever been to London. My sweet little traveler had never been there, but I had. I immediately contacted the tour company that we used in London – Top Class Black Cab Tours. They were so helpful in getting a tour set up for the next day, taking her all around London to see Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, the London Eye, and many more sites. She sent me fabulous pictures. She had chance to eat fish and chips and enjoy a town she had never been to before. We made lemonade!

I have tried to teach my kids to make the most of any situation. They have always been game for our little adventures, because in the situations that didn’t work out, we still have just as much fun. Plus it makes for great stories. Collect those moments! Make Lemonade!

xoxo, Jane Anne

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